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  • Always listen to your concerns or problems
  • Tailor your treatment and support to your specific needs
  • No waiting list for our treatments and classes
  • Explain assessment, diagnosis, and treatment thoroughly in layman’s terms
  • Support your recovery to get you back to fitness/sport/life as soon as possible

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Treatments at your Amersham physio
and sports injury clinic

Individual assessments and tailored treatments that are specific to you. Each injury or condition is different for each client and Advantage Physio aim to adjust our care and support to suit your needs.

sport injuries

Sports injuries

At your physio and sports injury clinic, our experienced physiotherapists can assess and treat a variety of soft tissue, joint and sports injuries. We work with our clients from diagnosis through to treatment and/or rehab, and back to full fitness and sport. Whether you have been referred by your doctor or specialist team, or we are your first port of call, our physio experts are here to help.

musculoskeletal physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal physio

Using a combination of strategies and techniques, musculoskeletal physio helps to restore function and movement to the body. From joints and muscles to tendons and ligaments, Advantage Physio, and Sports Injury Clinic support acute to chronic pain by teaching exercises, practising movements, and finding alternative ways of accomplishing your tasks.

womens health physiotherapy

Women's Health Physio

There can be many health concerns that women face including pelvic pain, incontinence, and pregnancy-related issues. At Advantage Physio, we aim to work with women in a variety of ways to support and improve their lifestyles through physio, Yoga, and Pilates. our clinic is private and subtle, offering women privacy and support when they need it most.

neurophysio icon

Neuro Physio

Neurological physiotherapy is a speciality that focuses on the assessment and treatment of individuals with conditions or injuries that affect the brain, spinal cord or nerves. Treatment can provide you with the appropriate support, advice, education and rehabilitation to enable you to feel confident in managing your condition and any associated symptoms, such as pain, fatigue, muscle tightness or changes to your mobility.

home physiotherapy

Home Visit Physio

At Advantage Physio, we understand that not all our clients are able to get to our clinic. That’s why we provide a home-based physiotherapy assessment. After we have completed this physiotherapy assessment, we can then offer bespoke treatments for our clients based on their individual needs. We provide home visits to those clients who live in the surrounding areas of our clinic.

yoga and physiotherapy

Yoga & Physio

Inviting Yoga into your life can be incredibly beneficial. Many of the injuries we see in the physio clinic are a result of problems with posture, balance, and coordination – all of which Yoga can improve. Sessions draw on Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin and Ashtanga Yoga theory and practice, to create a genuinely explorative and beneficial method for both body and mind within a safe and structured framework.

pilates and physiotherapy icon

Pilates & Physio

Pilates are exercises that strengthen your core muscles and help control your movement. By making improvements to your core stability, you can improve your posture, alignment, and strength. Undertaking Pilates may also help to reduce your pain and any muscles spasms. Our Pilates instructors and team of Physio’s work closely together with your best interests in mind.

personal trainer icon

Personal Trainer

A personal trainer will work with you to help you achieve your fitness goals. Together you will make a safe and healthy plan that keeps you motivated throughout your journey. You may have an injury or condition that makes it hard or unsafe to train without proper support or you may have been advised to make lifestyle changes by your GP. A personal trainer will help you to remain accountable for your routines.


Mummy MOT

As you navigate this new way of life, whether you have done it once or multiple times, understanding your pelvic health and musculoskeletal conditions after childbirth can be challenging – if you even have time to give it some thought. The Mummy MOT is a safe and effective service, designed to support your body through postnatal challenges, strengthening your pelvic floor, abdominal wall and improving musculoskeletal conditions.

personal trainer

Runners and Triathletes

As a triathlete, you put an incredible amount of pressure on your body, whether you are training or competing. Having the support of a specialist physiotherapist that understands this particular sport is imperative to your health and success. Our triathlete physiotherapists compete themselves and can support you and your body to reach and maintain peak levels of fitness so you can continue to train and compete safely.

Professional and personable service. Paul quickly identified the issue in my neck and worked through a very effective treatment plan.


Areas that Advantage Physio covers:

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Fantastic knowledge for sporting injuries. Extremely covid-secure. Would definitely recommend!