An introduction to Pilates and your Amersham pilates instructor

You may have heard the school mums mention they are off to a pilates class or your next-door neighbour inviting you to a local pilates session, but do you know your Pilates from your yoga and what a class can do for you? Advantage Physio is here to bring you the latest on the world of Pilates and how you could benefit from a session with an Amersham pilates instructor

Pilates was created in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. This set of exercises coordinates movement and supports your body’s smaller and deeper muscles – your core muscles. Whilst core strength is an integral part of Pilates; this is not the main focus. The ultimate focal point is using your core strength to develop functional movement throughout your body. Pilates is a low impact exercise regime that aligns your body structure and improves your joints. Your classes may look simple, but they can be incredibly effective when completed correctly.

Amersham pilates instructor from Advantage Physio

At Advantage Physio, we have a team of three Amersham pilates instructors who work with our clients regularly. 

Pali has worked in the fitness industry for over ten years. Starting as a personal trainer, Pali became more fascinated by body movement and how this could benefit our health and wellness, so she moved into studying Pilates. This insight has given pali a unique way of being able to teach her pilates classes and reach out to her clients. 

Shivani is highly trained and has been practising Pilates for nearly ten years. She continues to improve her professional development to provide clients with the best possible experience. Shivani has a passion for health and fitness and offers small group Pilates classes face to face or private sessions at home or online. 

Helen started her career in the NHS as a specialist physiotherapist, where she still maintains a high level of respect and professionalism in Pulmonary rehabilitation. With Helen’s knowledge and experience in working with a range of medical conditions, she has a unique ability to channel Pilates into supporting her clients. 

Who is a pilates class perfect for?

One of the best elements about Pilates is that no matter your age, gender, size, ability or current fitness level, these classes work well for you. With a variety of exercises, use of mats and specialised pilates equipment, even those who struggle with floor exercises, to begin with, will be able to participate in carefully curated classes and will notice a difference at the end of the sessions. 

Certain people should seek medical advice before joining a pilates class, as with all exercises. Whilst this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to participate at all, special consideration will need to be taken to ensure you are safe throughout the class: 

  • If you have had recent surgery 
  • Pregnant women 
  • People with a pre-existing medical condition

At Advantage Physiotherapy, the safety and well-being of our clients is at the forefront of everything we work to achieve so if you think you may have a condition that prevents you from partaking in classes, why not seek the support of our qualified team before starting?

The benefits you will get from an Amersham pilates instructor

Improvement of posture

As Pilates focuses on your body alignment, it will improve your posture by aligning your muscles and giving you the ideal motion range you need. Your posture improves as your headaches alleviate, your back pain decreases, and you can stand tall.

Decreases your back pain 

By targeting the deeper abdominal muscles during a Pilates session, your muscles will work to lift and support your organs which will, in turn, protect and stabilise your back. 

Prevention of injuries 

Having a stronger body with well-aligned joints means that your muscles will not be weak or tight when you are going about your daily business. Having weak or tight muscles could make you more susceptible to injury. By focusing on your core body strength, your body will be able to support your joints better when you are mobilising. 

Energy increases

Don’t forget – Pilates doesn’t just focus on your core muscles but also your breath. By improving your breathing techniques, you will be stimulating blood circulation, oxygen flow and those feel-good hormones. Pilates won’t leave you feeling drained as it’s a low impact exercise class, but you will leave feeling fab about yourself.

Enhance your body awareness

Everyone wants to be more in tune with their bodies, and for those who practice Pilates, this is often the case. Taking the time to focus on your body awareness will leave you feeling more aware of stimuli, including pain – preventing injuries – and you may even become more aware of hunger signals! 

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Advantage Physio offers a range of pilates classes to suit all clients

Since opening our practice over ten years ago, Advantage Physiotherapy has aimed to offer its clients the best physio and treatments that are available. We listen to our clients and put their needs first so your treatment can be tailored and supportive of your specific needs. Advantage Physiotherapy does not believe in a one size fits all approach to therapy. 

By understanding your conditions during our assessment and diagnosis stage, we can then tailor our treatment plans to support you back to recovery as soon as possible. All our processes are explained in layman’s terms, and we won’t bombard you with physio jargon, so you know what’s happening with your body every step of the way. 

If you would like to learn more about Pilates classes from your Amersham Pilates instructor, get in touch with Advantage Physiotherapy today.