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Chiropractor’s main treatment technique is manipulation of joint to improve the joint range. Manipulation involves a quick sharp force applied to specific joints resulting in a click aiming to reduce muscle spasm, pain and stiffness.

Physios can use manipulation as one of a variety of treatments. Each patient is different, therefore needing a variety of treatment techniques specific to their needs. We also aim to stop reoccurrence of injury.

All treatments we use are on our A-Z of treatments page.


There are many similarities between Osteopaths and Physiotherapists. An Osteopaths main area of treatment is the spine. They aim to treat the structural balance of the body. Treatments include manipulation, soft tissue work, exercise and balancing the body’s energy.

There are some alternative therapy branches of osteopathy such as visceral osteopathy and cranial osteopathy. Cranial osteopaths believe that moving joints in the skull help to heal the body.

At Advantage Physiotherapy, we use many of the same techniques as Osteopaths tailoring our treatments to the individual requirements, treating the problem, and helping to prevent re-occurrence.

All treatments we use are on our A-Z of treatments page.

Chiropractor in action