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Our other clinics

Ruislip Logo 100
Ruislip Physiotherapy

Our sister clinic

uxbridge physio logo 1
Uxbridge Charter Physio

Our sister clinic

Our Closest Links

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Ruislip Pilates

In conjunction with Ruislip Physiotherapy

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Ruislip Yoga

In conjunction with Ruislip Physiotherapy

Our Orthopaedic Consultant colleagues

mr david ahearne logo
Mr David Ahearne

Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon

htwe zaw logo
Mr Htwe Zaw

Orthopaedic Foot Surgeon

Garth Alladice
Mr. Garth Allardice

Orthopaedic Surgeon Harrow

Shaun Ridgeway
Mr Shaun Ridgeway

Spinal Surgeon London

Simon Thompson
Mr Simon Thompson

Thompson Orthopaedics

London Hip and Knee Clinic
Mr Bhupinder Mann

Hip and Knee Surgeon

Rishi Chana
Mr Rishi Chana

Hip and Knee Surgeon Berkshire

The McElroy Consultancy

Orthopaedic Surgery

hip2knee logo
Mr Gurdeep Biring

Hip2Knee Clinic

Sports clubs we help

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Local Physio
The Physiotherapy Site