Upper Limb Videos

The information in these videos are general in nature and not patient or injury specific. If you require any individual advice, please consult your therapist.

Table Top Press Up Exercise

Childs Pose Exercise

Shoulder Lateral Rotation with Theraband

Shoulder Medial Rotation with Theraband

Shoulder Lateral Rotation in Side Lying

Shoulder Flexion with Isometric Posterior Cuff Exercise

Banded Row Exercise

Hand Behind Back Stretch with a Towel

Wall Press Up Exercise

Kneeling Push Up Exercise

Full Push Up Exercise

Ulnar Nerve Slide and Glide Exercise

Radial Nerve Slide and Glide Exercise

Median Nerve Slide and Glide Exercise

Strength Exercises For Tennis players

Shoulder Blade Retraction

Posterior Capsule Shoulder Stretch Exercises

Gym Ball Shoulder Proprioception Exercise

Rotator Cuff Clock Exercise

Lumbrical Exercise

Shoulder External Rotation in Abduction

Shoulder Internal Rotation in Abduction

Tendon Gliding